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Trailer Don’t trust your precious bike to a trailer that simply isn't up to the task!

No room on your truck for your ride? Tow it along then! The Cruiser Caddie ST makes it possible for you to take your best friend wherever you want to go. Don't get deceived by its handsome looks, because inside, it is a rugged, durable construction which is sturdy enough to carry up to a ton of cargo.

The Cruiser Caddie ST multi-use trailer System

  • Carries up to one ton of cargo. Meaning, it is more than enough for your bike, ATV, snowmobile, or riding mower.
  • Made of durable, heavy-duty, and quality materials which ensure longevity of product life.
  • Features a spacious 4 x 8-foot bed that tilts for easy, single-handed loading and off-loading.
  • Allows secure, worry-free towing with easy tie-down and hook-up.
  • Compact, and low-profile design which decreases wind resistance and makes it a fuel-efficient towing.
  • New Models Coming soon! The Cruiser Caddie ST Double Trailer and Trike Trailer.
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