You Wouldn't Think of Going Anywhere Without Your Bestfriend

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Welcome to Palladino Metal Fabrication, Inc.

A journey without your best friend isn’t truly a memorable one. We don’t mean your four-legged canine buddy, but your bike! With Palladino Metal Fabrication Inc.’s original Cruiser Caddie range, now you can take your pal ride along with you, without having to refuel your pal every couple of hours.

Palladino Metal Fabrication, Inc.

You can either load you bike in the back of your pick-up truck with our Cruiser Caddie ramp system or tow it with the Cruiser Caddie ST trailer. And this is just a simple, one-person task which can be done in a matter of minutes without any tools or expensive modifications to your vehicle. Moreover, it is a temporary installation.

As biking enthusiasts, we know the troubles bikers face with respect to logistics, weather and costs. We came up with the Cruiser Caddie product line to cater to this niche market. This was 13 years ago, and today, it’s never been better for bikers to enjoy open roads, wherever they happen to be.

Palladino Metal Fabrication takes pride in its excellent workmanship that goes into each one of our custom-fabricated products. With years of experience to their trade, our skilled craftsmen and other trained professionals have polished their skills to bring the works in the market.

At Palladino, we prioritise quality and settle for nothing less. Which is why, we use the finest quality of steel procured from local suppliers. We use all local products - from machinery, assembly to finishing products; we are a whole and sole local acquirer. We are a long-term player and focus on customer satisfaction and service. Our products exceed expectations, in that at affordable prices.

About Us

The Original Cruiser Caddie and our all-new line of Cruiser Caddie ST multi-use trailers are manufactured by Palladino Metal Fabrication, Inc., a family-owned and operated business since 1936, located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

It's been a family tradition for us to offer our customers personal service combined with expert craftsmanship. Our experience shows in the quality of products and services we deliver. Our facility is conveniently located in near major highways and rail lines, and we are able to ship your customized orders quickly.

Palladino Metal Fabrication, Inc.

Client Reviews

John S.

The Cruiser Caddie I purchased works great. I have used it several times back and forth to Maryland and had no trouble with it at all. My highway tolls have been cut in half because I'm not towing anything!. 

Ralph B.

I have used the Cruiser Caddie once so far and had no problem loading my Roadstar into my truck. People asked how I get the bike down off the truck and I showed them how easy it was. I would recommend the Cruiser Caddie to anybody. It’s terrific1

John and Nancy C.

We are so pleased with our Cruiser Caddie. You built it to our bikes’ specifications with no questions or fuss. When asked if you could make it for a 300mm tire for future upgrades, your answer was "I’d be happy to." You are easy to do business with, and compared to any other products on the market, the Cruiser Caddie is affordable. Thank you so much! 

James F. K.

The Cruiser Caddie works as advertised. It doesn't get any better than this. One-man operation from start to finish.Thanks a million!